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During the 'Exodus'  most Jews followed Moses to the known route through the Red sea and Sinai. At that time I believe an other group, either because they lost the main flow of people escaping or  because of a disagreement, gone south, a safe and not guarded route as Pharaoh's soldiers followed the main group on their way out of Egypt!
Their destination was the highlands of Ethiopia, a known route to many. As we know in the old days the Pharaohs used to get their Elephants, other goods and maybe even slaves through that route !
 These group of Jews had only to follow riverbeds and finally arrive in a very fertile land: the Ethiopian Highlands! For many the Ethiopian highlands was like the promised land! In the oldest scriptures, river Ghion the biggest river in Ethiopia, was the second river flowing out of Eden! Today  is called the blue Nile!
Many events are leading to the above idea: 
- There is mention of Ethiopians in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey,
- Moses wife was an Ethiopian! Written in Psalms and in Numbers
  chapter    *Please read yourself in your own Bible!
- Repetitive mention of Ethiopia in the old Testament (see last paragraph) 
- Herodotus very accurate description at 500 BC of this route and the mention of an old town of 'Meroe' existing between Sudan and the joint of Takase and  Nile  river! 
 Despite what the historians and scholars believe, it is only natural to have a very ancient civilization in the fertile Ethiopian Highlands! Let us not forget that Lucy and Salam, two very old standing 'pithicus afarencis' were found in the Ethiopian highlands!
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