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Pictured above is the historic route where you 
can see the Falashas territory, between Gondar, 
the Simien mountains, Axum and Lalibela.
Inside of a Monastery on an island in Lake Tana.
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In this page you will find all information about Falashas the Jews of Ethiopia!
A long debated subject and argued by many historians and scholars through the centuries!
Most information is gathered from various books and many suggestions you are going to read here is my personal view, established through the reading of many books including of course the Old Testament!
I  must say that I side with Graham Hancock's suggestions published in his book 'The Sign and the Seal' which I did read several times and highly recommend it as a good source of information!
 The Falashas in Ethiopia are Jews believed to be the descendants of Jews who traveled from Israel during king Manase's time around the sixth century BC!
There are many reasons to believe this:
- Their traditions and religious ceremonies are not at all like Jews in Israel now, they obey traditions mentioned only in the Old Testament! There are travelers testimonies like Francisco Alvarez, a Portuguese visitor on the year 1502 and after ... who were surprised at the Falashas habits and traditions and very clearly stated that 'the Falashas habits reassemble very old traditions indeed date back to Solomon times!'
- Their priests are called 'Kafas'  as in the Old testament and not Rabbis as they are called in Israel today...
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