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Chartres Cathedral      Queen of Sheba     Lalibela Churches 
 and the Templars
Arc of the Covenant
the Old Testament
Elephantine island
and  Herodotus
The Exodus
The Falashas
Chartres Cathedral
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Costas Papa
Having read the Mysteries of Ethiopia most of you expressed the wish to be able to send me back your ideas and comments! Now the long awaited Forum is up and running! Just send any comments or additional info you may have to: it will be posted here!   12 Dec07
Costas Papa
Many of our viewers reading the Old Testament  page, are sending me numbers of chapters with passages mentioning Ethiopia where I haven't look yet! Thanks but you could post all these ideas and messages here for everybody to share! 18 Dec07
Costas Papa
When you read the Mysteries  of Ethiopia feel free to send me back your ideas and comments!  Just send an Email to  and your comments will be posted here!                                                                            Have a look at the new addition: Chartres Cathedral, a very interesting subject indeed! 28 Dec07
Costas Papa
Have a look at the  Mysteries  of Ethiopia and feel free to send us your comments at  As of today it is working! 1 Jan 08
Roy Goodman, Sussex England 

This time you are giving through this website very interesting information! It must have taken you a great deal of time to gather all this info, well done! I would be though, as a reader, very skeptical indeed and reference should be given at the end of each chapter about the source of the related subjects! It would also be nice if you add the promised photos! 

14 Jan 08
Pat McWitney, 
Nova Scotia, Canada


 I was impressed with the amount of interesting information you’ve put together.     It must have taken a tremendous amount of time to accomplish that. I do have some criticisms, which I hope you will accept as constructive, because as I said my overall impression was very positive.  The point is, that I would have liked a list of the various links in a logical, preferably chronological, order that I could have clicked through in sequence rather than random links at the end of each page.  When you click on any particular link the next logical link could appear at the end of the text for that link so the reader can continue reading and not miss anything!   15 Jan 08
Costas Papa
Thanks Pat for your positive comments! Yes it did take me a lot of time, first to read many books and then try to evaluate and publish the most important information for our visitors (readers). Thanks again for your help! 15 Jan 08
Alex Shrank in SONY Broadcast UK Fascinating stuff. You are lucky to be in the heart of it!  This site has a wealth of information about this fascinating subject. When I was younger I read "The Tomb of God" by Richard Andrews and Paul Schellenberger and ever since I have been hooked on this. The link between the Templars and the mystery that occurred in the French town of Rennes-le-Chateau is so interesting (see Chartres Cathedral).   I have to visit the Churches in Lalibela. Thank you for bringing this history to us! 16 Jan 08
Brian Collins in SONY Broadcast UK Yes I did get your web links and have a good look at them and of course I found them very interesting. As you know I want to come to Ethiopia one day! Now with this presentation you make me start planning my trip already!  17 Jan 08
Costas Papa
Thank you Alex and Brian for your positive words! Feel free though to comment about the subjects even if you don't agree with some! 17 Jan 08
Dave Ellis, Surey, UK How fascinating! A lot of material to read...  I found linking other books and the Bible is a good idea, but in places, more links are needed so that the readers can see the source for themselves! As you have gathered all this material, I strongly think that you should publish it in a book, did you think of that? Keep writing ON!  3 Feb 08
Sandra Right, London, UK Intriguing but at the same time enchanting stuff! Did you ever think to publish it? I am sure many people would love to read interesting material like this! 14 Feb 2008
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Simon Smith, UK Although interesting reading your mysteries, beware that  the old testament was written by many different scribes and some chapters at a much later date in history! Personally I would be very careful of what to accept as facts, and what to openly publish in this website! Many of the stories (tales) given are written for a purpose...  4 May 08
Costas Papa
 Thanks for your comments! My reason of starting this section was firstly to bring to light chapters written in the Bible mentioning Ethiopia as far back as the 7th century BC and secondly to publish mysteries concerning Ethiopia that to me are yet to be solved! 5 May 08
Costas Papa
I am reviewing feedbacks that many of you have recently send! I was absent on a very interesting trip in the south of the country! Malcolm S., Michael K. and Giovanni, I shall go through them and post your comments ASAP!  Thanks anyway for your comments! 19 June 08
Evangelos Zohios,  GR A very interesting website! My comment is: all relevant subjects to be arranged page after page so that it will make sense in reading and draw a conclusion! 10 July 08
Roy Sheider,  Zurich All subjects are very interesting! I would like though more accurate information and better explanation! It is interesting to see how many unsolved mysteries exist in and about the Old Testament! I find amazing the information about Chartres Cathedral! Well done! 8 October 08
Michael King, England

I am very skeptical about some items but all in all , its a good and interesting presentation. You could improve the story about Moses; there are in England a number of publications portraying his life... On my next Email I 'll let you know where to look for it! Thanks for a nice weekend reading!

3 Nov. 08
  Alex Shrank in SONY Broadcast UK For a while I did not check your website; to my surprise I see a lot new added stories, well done! It is amazing that there isn't anywhere else anything of the kind you are reporting here!  Checking on the bible I can correlate your suggestions presented. How did nobody else come to the idea and report these things? All the  contents published here are partially facts and partially hints and suggestions but very well founded! Did you ever think to print it? I am sure that it would make a very interesting book to read! Regards! 16 Nov. 08
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