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Our filming expedition to Harer      Part  two      Part  1   3    Updated  29 Dec 2005   
Filming the folklore dancers in front of Rimbaud house!
We were appointed by UNESCO to produce a promotional documentary of this fascinating medieval city! We travel to Harer with a crew of 4, our camera man his assistant, the guide and our driver! 

 We choose the road route (see map below) with a four wheel drive in order to have all our filming equipment handy and at the same time enjoy the beautiful landscape this route has to offer! Other reasons were to be able to film on the way and explore easily the rich  surroundings!

The Rimbaud old house in Harer,  today serves as a museum and 
it is really worth visiting! 
Filming the interior of a typical Hareri house!

Our equipment was consisting of 2 SONY DVCAMs, a DSR 300AP and a DSR170P one Mafroto heavy duty tripod and a SONY portable one which was very handy to use occasionally on top of our 4wheel car!  A portable DSR V10P editing DVCAM recorder was used  to view and edit every day's filming in order to keep track of all subjects in our script!




There are several houses in Harer representing a different time in history! We visited a few and in our next visit we will list them all in the 'Architectural Harer' page !



  The Hyena man
The Hyena man displaying his skills!
Not an easy task ...  interviewing the hyena man !
 No comments !
A very interesting show:  the first approach... 





 Hyenas are strange and remarkable animals.  Up to now I have only seen (and visited) wild animals in the Zoo where at ease you can observe somehow how they behave!  For the first time I was surrounded by hyenas not knowing there intentions, and totally misguided by their harmless  baby-like sounds!  So the only way to talk to the 'hyena man' himself was to sit down at the outskirts of Harer surrounded by about twenty wild animals!




The first thing that did strike my attention was the respect they have for their elders !  The hole time I was sitting down next to Mr. Tico, 'the hyena man' all of them waiting in line until their mother first then their father, uncle and so on were fed !!! There was not a single fight always one animal approached to grab the peice of meat from Tico's mouth and when some was thrown at them, again when one of them got it the others backed of !


An other funny think was that Mr. Tico has given them names ! So each time he was calling Tika, Girgir. Shashagha, Dish etc. by their name (!) they slowly approached him  for some more food! What a nice and interesting evening we had !



 Sitting down comfortably and looking at the pictures, I can describe everything at ease, but at the time this picture on the left was taken, I was trying to find out the shortest route to our car !!!






All in all I must say that was a very exiting and interesting evening and a rare experience that I am sure one do not plan easily ! But it will be worth while on your next trip to Ethiopia and Harer, not to miss Mr. Tico the Hyena man !


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 All pictures above were publicized with the kind permission of  ...Mr. Tico himself!




 In Harer but also anywhere else in Ethiopia,  it is custom to bring a jug of water and basin at the table before meals to wash your hands!

 The route




Starting our expedition to Harer from Addis Abeba we passed through Nazaret and the famous Awash train station and after a while we follow a very scenic route through the Ahmar mountains! At one point we reached an altitude of about 3.250 meters!


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