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Our filming expedition to Harer     Part three      Part  1  2               Updated  7 Jan 2006   
A Hareri woman proudly shows us her nicely decorated house
This is our third time visiting Harer, appointed by UNESCO to produce a promotional documentary of this fascinating medieval city! We travel to Harer with a crew of 4, our camera man his assistant, the guide and our driver! 


 Choosing the road route (see map below) with a four wheel drive had its advantages, being able to  have all our filming equipment handy and to film on the way easily the rich  surroundings the beautiful landscape this route has to offer! Other reasons were to explore other famous sites in the vicinity. 

The Arthur Rimbaud house nicely restored and today serving as a 
museum and  as youth club center.
The interior of the beautifully restored Arthur Rimbaud house ! 
Arts and handcraft classes are a frequent event in Rimbaud house 
for local women.


Our equipment was consisting of 2 SONY DVCAMs, a DSR 300AP and a DSR170P one Mafroto heavy duty tripod and a SONY portable one which was very handy to use occasionally on top of our 4wheel car!  A portable DSR V10P editing DVCAM recorder was used  to view and edit every day's filming in order to keep track of all subjects in our script!





The National Museum in Harar
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Filming the interior of a typical Hareri house!
Filming the dancers in front of Rimbaud house!
Interviewing the hyena man !

Above the Harar brewery, a visit is a must! This very modern and up to day well equipped brewery with an output of a 250.000 bottles a day makes the best beer in the region!






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 An interview with the 'Hyena man' !  Read all about it on the 'Part 2' of our expedition to Harer!

 The route




Starting our expedition to Harar from Addis Abeba we passed through Nazaret and the famous Awash train station where Wilfred Thessinger started his Awash exploration in 1935. After a while, we followed a very scenic route through the Ahmar mountains and at Kolumbi we reached an altitude of about 3.250 meters!




All pictures above are published with the kind permission of all persons participating.

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