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Filming Harer's old wall


We were appointed by UNESCO to produce a promotional documentary of this fascinating medieval city! We travel to Harer with a crew of 4, our camera man his assistant, the guide and our driver!   We choose the road route with a four wheel drive in order to have all our filming equipment handy and at the same time enjoy the beautiful landscape this route has to offer! Other reasons were to be able to film on the way and explore easily the rich  surroundings!

Our equipment was consisting of 2 SONY DVCAMs, a DSR 300AP and a DSR170P one Mafroto heavy duty tripod and a SONY portable one which was very handy to use occasionally on top of our 4wheel car!  A portable DSR V10P editing DVCAM recorder was used  to view and edit every day's filming in order to keep track of all subjects in our script!

Harer stands in the middle of green mountains on the east wall of the Great rift valley.  Harer is surrounded by a 6 feet wall and managed to keep the charm of its medieval character and all glory of the past!  Its cultural diversity is best expressed in the old market and the great Mosque.  

Harer's  famous Shoa gate, one of seven entrances to this 
interesting medieval walled city. 

The wall around Harer was build about the 16th century. Harer was made famous as an international trading center as it gradually became a commercial link with India, Arabia and even China!  Harer lays 525 kilometers away from Addis Abeba. Despite its remoteness it has always have its own culture and language!   Harer was for centuries an Islamic center with strong trade and cultural links with Yemen.

For visitors from abroad this medieval walled city has been the main attraction in the hole region of Harerge without having an airport or a railway station!

 When Harer was build at around the year1000, originally had 5 gates leading to all directions! At the time king Menelik was established in Harer he build two new gates! 

Harer's Megala gudo market is famous for jewelry of silver, gold and amber it is also the place to buy beautifully hand made baskets woven with colorful grass and decorative wall mats and bright shawls also spices, grains, vegetables and fruits of the region.

Click above to see a Hareri  folklore dancing group performing at Rimbaud old house in Harer,  today serves as a museum and it is really worth visiting! 

The decorated entrance to the great Mosque which dominates the center of this medieval city!  


Starting our expedition to Harer from Addis Abeba we passed through Nazaret and the famous Awash train station and after a while we follow a very scenic route through the Ahmar mountains! At one point we reached an altitude of about 3.250 meters!





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