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Herodotus (500 BC) the so-called father of history gives us a very accurate description of the route some Jews followed from Elephantine island  in Egypt to reach lake Tana in Ethiopia!
This makes us think that the only way Herodotus could describe this event with such an accuracy is that he was traveling with them! This event took place sometime at 480 BC
Herodotus did travel a lot keeping always a note from the places he visited but also describing things like who was the king, about the population etc. He later put everything in a 'book' which we call it today 'History by Herodotus'!
The following is an extract from his book concerning the Elephantine island event
 After a prologue, Herodotus writes:
"You will then disembark and travel along the river for forty days as there are sharp rocks by the banks of the river Nile as well as many falls through which you cannot sail!
After marching for forty days you can then again sail on a boat for twelve days! That will bring you to a big city called Meroe! This city is said to be the mother of Ethiopia...
Now from this city on, traveling equal time as from the Elephantine island to Meroee, you will come to lake Tana the land of the 'deserters'!
The 'Deserters' were Egyptians and foreigners (probably Israelites) who revolted from the Egyptian army and joint afterwards the Ethiopians around the time of Pharaoh Psametichus around 595 BC! These deserters did settled between the Ethiopian community and made them more civilized together acquiring learning knowledge and ways from the Egyptians...
The river Nile is a known country, adding all together, it takes four months of journey by sail and road from the Elephantine island to reach the land of the 'deserters' of whom I spoke!"
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