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Moses was  without any doubt a very important person in history!
His name derives from Mo- which in old Jewish means water  and ses; means 'saved' so the one who was saved from the water! In the old Testament he is described as a Prophet who against all odds guided the Jewish people to their homeland.
Moses was a son of a Pharaoh and while he was studying he was taught by the high priests in the Ossiris temple hieroglyphics and secret sciences... Moses was definitely a high priest or in ancient Egyptian language called Ker-Heb !
At some time in his life and according to the Old Testament, Have a look at  Numbers 12-1  he was married to an Ethiopian!     
 Aaron with his wife Miriam accused Moses "why you talk to us like this, has our Lord spoken through you only? Your wife is a Cushite woman anyway... (at that time meant Ethiopian) "
 As we also know Moses after he killed an officer from his father's guard he went hiding for almost 40 years, most probably in Ethiopian high lands! Many scholars do believe  that he find a comfortable refuge in Ethiopia! Long ago in History we know that there was a well used trade route from Egypt through the ancient city of 'Meroe' to lake Tana in Ethiopia! The route was used to bring Elephants and Elephant tusks from Ethiopia and other food supplies from Ethiopia's fertile land!
Moses had a tremendous knowledge to build the Arc of the covenant and only proves his high technological skills which they were not understood until today! The Arc was not just a religious carrier of the stone tablets; it was a powerful tool to assist him in order to control the Israelites! In many chapters of the Old Testament it averted many revolts as well as giving a genuine encouragement to fight the enemies!
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    The Exodus 
Israelites crossing the Red Sea...
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During the ‘Exodus’, most Jews followed Moses along the
 known route through the Red Sea and the Sinai. At that time, I believe another group, either because they lost the main group or deliberately because of a disagreement, went south. This southern route was not well guarded and Pharaoh’s soldiers followed the main group anyway. The destination of the breakaway group was the highlands of Ethiopia, a known route since it had been used in times past by the Pharaohs to bring in their elephants, other goods, and maybe even slaves.
 These group of Jews had only to follow riverbeds and finally arrive in a very fertile land: the Ethiopian Highlands! For many the Ethiopian highlands was like the promised land! Anyway the river Ghion in Ethiopia, supposedly was flowing out of Eden mentioned in the Old testament is today's blue Nile!
Many events are leading to the above idea: 
- There is mention of Ethiopians in Iliad and Odyssey from Homer,
- Repetitive mention of Ethiopia in the old Testament (see last paragraph) 
- Herodotus very accurate description at 500 BC of this route and the mention of an old town of 'Meroe' existing between Sudan and the joint of Takase and  Nile  river! 
Despite what the historians and scholars believe, it is only natural to have a very ancient civilization in the fertile Ethiopian Highlands! Let us not forget that Lucy and Salam, two very old standing 'pithicus afarencis' were found here!
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