James Bruce          

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James Bruce the Scottish adventurer
           Knights Templar
         The Arc of the Covenant
       Updated  March 2016
James Bruce, a Scottish adventurer, being a mason he was so fascinated by stories from the Knights Templar .
In 1768  he decided to come to Ethiopia  on behalf of the Royal Geographic society to locate the source of the river Nile. He had also a hidden agenda to locate and see for himself the Arc of the Covenant and the 11 monolithic Churches in Lalibela! Later fulfilling his quest, he did write and publish a book with the title 'Travels to discover the source of the river Nile 1768- 1773"
Back in Scotland, he did go and inspect himself the Rosalyn Chapel in Scotland where the Knights Templar hid underground a lot of old scrolls which they had dug out from their long visit in Jerusalem Temple!
James Bruce came to Ethiopia in 1768 with a quest from the Royal Geographic society to explore the source of the river Nile. His secret and personal wish though was to see and touch the Arc of the Covenant  that the Knights Templar reported that is in Axum!
On the year 1768 he traveled in different places in Ethiopia where he finally find the source of the river Nile not far away from lake Tana!
Also he did buy one only existing copy of an almost ancient manuscript: 'The book of Enoch' which it ended up in the British National Museum! He did travel to Axum where he stayed for a period of time to satisfy his secret wish and see the real Arc of the Covenant    as the priests were taken it out only once a year at Timkat or in English Epiphany celebrations!
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