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                           The Location    

 Lalibela, previously known as the 'kingdom of Roha' but later named after the king who build the famous rock hewn Churches there ! Lalibela is located about 625 km north of Addis Abeba in the region of 'Lasta' on a mountain site at about 3750 meters altitude!   The background is dominated from the mountain Abune Yuseef with its peaks at 4.250 meters making it Ethiopia's  tallest mountain!

 Traveling north of Addis Abeba through Ethiopia's highlands and passing through remarkable scenery on the way to Debre Birhan and on to Desse and Kombolcha. Finally passing Waldiyah we arrive at the valley with Lalibela's airport  and facing the mountain, a stiff climb on to Lalibela, now only a small village remaining that was once the kingdom of Roha!