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Old painting on goat skin depicting 
the story of Queen of Sheba meeting 
King Solomon a story written in  
the Old Testament !
The Exodus
The Falashas
Elephantine island and
Herodotus an accurate account
The Arc of the Covenant  and
Chartres Cathedral  in France!
An ancient palace in Yeha near Axum, supposedly  Queen of Sheba's  residence!
Saint Emmanuel, one of the most elegantly build Church in Lalibela! This monolithic Church is carved out of one rock and Holy mass is performed everyday!
 Many unsolved ‘Mysteries’ still exist in Ethiopia …  
Why has the Arc of the Covenant never been found and why, after the reign of king Solomon there is no further mention in the Old Testament,  about this precious relic?
-   Moses  was a son of a Pharaoh and while he was studying he was taught by the high priests in the Ossiris temple hieroglyphics and secret sciences...
- The story of Queen of Sheba as told in the Bible has plenty of detail and is believed to be true; but where did she come from?
- The excavations on Elephantine Island in Egypt bring to light a Jewish temple the size of the original one build in Jerusalem! The scrolls found, give us a complete picture of the Jewish community once lived there!
- An accurate account of the father of History Herodotus  tell us about a well known route to Ethiopia on 500 BC and the Jews who followed it!
- What are the links between the Falashas of Ethiopia and the Jews of Israel
- What is the connection between Chartres Cathedral in France and  Ethiopia?
- Who built the remarkable ‘rock-hewn’ Churches in Lalibela?  
 Most of these ‘Mysteries’ have been much debated and argued about by many historians and scholars throughout the centuries. In these pages you will find facts, together with ideas and theories, from me as well as several prominent people.
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 All information is gathered from various places and many suggestions you are going to read here is my personal view, established through reading of many books including of course 
the Old Testament!
 Looking for clues about the story of Queen of Sheba, I have traveled to Egypt, Jordan and Yemen! In Yemen her name  was  Bilquis and here in Ethiopia was Maqeeba! 
 I must say that I side with Graham Hancock's suggestions published in his book 'The Sign and the Seal' which I did read several times  and I do recommend it as a good source of information as well as an interesting book in general!
 History was always a subject that occupied my past time activities, let it be reading, visiting historic places and then try to analyze the various 'hypothesis' or suggestions from scholars and historians!
 One lesson I have learned reading the life of  Heinrich Schlieman who discovered ancient Mycenae and Troy:  When Schlieman was a 12 year old boy, he believed that there must be some truth in the story told by Homer in Iliad and Odyssey!  He promised to his father that one day he will discover Priam's treasure! Well, he did excavated a lot and not only found Troy and ancient Mycenae, but he also found the burial grounds of king Agamemnon! This was proved by the masks out of pure gold found nearby! All these precious findings now are in the Berlin and Greek national museums!
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