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    Video filming   on location

Video Clips 
         Culture                 History tour                The Hyena man
Churches in Lalibela       On the way...         Timkat in Lalibela
Me the hyena man and   lots of Hyenas! And just in case you ask:
 the tiny lights at the back are hyena eyes glowing in the dark!
We were appointed by UNESCO to produce a promotional documentary of this fascinating medieval city! 
We travel to Harer with a crew of 4, our camera man his assistant, the guide and our driver!   We choose the road route (see map above) with a four wheel drive in order to have all our filming equipment handy and at the same time enjoy the beautiful landscape this route has to offer! Other reasons were to be able to film on the way and explore easily the rich  surroundings! 
Click on the picture left to see more about our expedition to Harar!
 Harer stands in the middle of green mountains on the east wall of the Great rift valley.   Harer is 525 kilometers away from Addis Abeba on a very picturesque route through the Ahmar Mountains. (see map above)
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Here you will have the opportunity to see some Churches in Lalibela, enjoy Ethiopia's beautiful landscapes, have the chance to visit long forgotten places, see a dancing folklore group performing  in Harar  and finally watch the 'Hyena man' 
talk and feed the wild animals, a remarkable event!  'Click' any picture on the left to see a selection of 6 Video Clips!
--> Allow some time for the 'Streaming Video' to start, after you could play it again and again!
If playback is 'erratic'  press the Stop button and allow 1 minute to load, then press the Play button
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Training courses 
The multimedia training organized by UNESCO
 Many CMCs in Ethiopia and other developing countries face great difficulties in ensuring their long-term financial sustainability after the initial seed project funding that created them dries up. With this lesson in mind, the workshop will also be seeking to expose participants to the concept of social enterprise and encourage them in identifying ways in which the skills developed in the workshop can be used to both provide meaningful and beneficial services to their respective communities while at the same time providing opportunities for revenue generation, part-time or even full-time employment and the longer term sustenance of the CMC concept.   
  Hopefully, the sharing of experiences and meeting of these creative young minds will provide new, rich and innovative locally relevant insights to the challenge of sustainability.  
All participants are photographed in front of CRDA 
entrance with  Mr. Paul Hector communications manager from UNESCO top row in the middle and Costas Papa from SCC on the left!
             Our book  'Advance filming Techniques'  
The way the lighting is placed is an art! There are though basic rules to help you out starting with correct lighting positioning!
In Appendix C  you can find such basic 'Cameras and lighting' positioning.
The Storyboard,  to help filming, our story is made in form of sequenced pictures!
UNESCO's Addis Ababa Office in concert with Ltd, a communications firm will be organizing a 1-week multimedia training workshop in Addis Ababa for rural Community multimedia centers (CMCs) in Ethiopia.
 The workshop will focus on reinforcing skills and capacities of 10 young men and women from the UNESCO centers located in the towns of Bahir Dar and Harar. In addition to being exposed to the underlying technical skills and theory behind using digital cameras, audio-visual digital editing software, participants will have ample opportunities to gain hands-on experience in creating multimedia products in local languages addressing local development issues.

  The workshop will seek to build on experiences gained in a previous training conducted for the Harar CMC in conjunction with the Harar Regional Bureau for Youth, Sports and Culture which oversees the operation of the Harar CMC and to share their experiences in social enterprise with the Bahir Dar group. One outcome of this earlier workshop was the production of a VCD highlighting various aspects of the history and culture of the city of Harar and which is now being sold to tourists and visitors. The Harar CMC is also pursuing plans to design and print t-shirts which can provide other streams of revenue in addition to the traditional offerings of ICT courses and printing services.








     On the left some pictures from our book which
     was developed especially for these trainings.
    This book was distributed to all participants
     and to a number of students.


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A previous training of the Hareri group 2005-2006
 During the multimedia training everybody had 
a good hands-on experience with capturing and 
editing DV video!
Picture taken in front of the CRDA entrance.  All participants photographed with me and  Mr. Paul Hector from UNESCO top row
 in the middle.
Part of our project "Harar the medieval walled city" was to give a comprehensive training to a local team in filming and multimedia. The idea was to produce a promotional CD / DVD about all aspects  of Harar and at same time to give means and knowledge to a local team of creative individuals in order to be able to involve themselves in future productions.   The overall training program included filming, editing and authoring interactive CDs  in order to finally produce CDs and DVDs with local content. 
  The last part of this training course was held in CRDA compound here in Addis Abeba with six participants from Harar and one participant from Addis itself.  
The scope of this final session of the Multimedia training was to conclude all subjects taught in the previous sessions using Adobe's Photoshop and Premiere as well as Macromedia's Director. We had also to put together all edited material filmed previously on location and produce the final interactive CD using Macromedia's Director ! This proved to be a difficult task as we had to record and insert all 'voice over' audio parts in video clips needing narration as well as to  correct all spelling and historical mistakes! But with the help of the Hareri team we manage to overcome all problems, complete this difficult task and successfully produce the interactive CD during this final session! 
_ _ _

       The Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi UAE


 We have been commissioned by 'Archirodon overseas' company to produce a progress report  for the Sheikh Zayed Bridge project in Abu Dhabi UAE.
  Every 3 months we film the structure in various places from eye level, from a crane at about 50meters high as well as from the sea! All video clips filmed are edited, then explanatory graphics added together with comments about the progress of a particular section. Finally we deliver this video clips in form of a DVD with a date stamp to the management.


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