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The monolithic Church of Bet Giorgis, is dedicated to Ethiopia's national hero, Saint George. 
  This Church is isolated from the other two groups and is located in the south west of the village on a sloping rock terrace.


The Church of Saint George lays in a deep pit
 with perpendicular walls and it can only be reached through a tunnel which is entered from some distance away on the south-east side of the pit. 
  Another long trench leads down to the point of two small rivulets which is part of the ingenious drainage system. 


 Visitors agree in describing the Church of Saint George as the most elegant and refined in its architecture and stone masonry. 
  The cruciform floor plan of this Church suggests a model taken by the 'manbers'  (containers of the Tabot) used by the Zagwe tradition.


 Although the Church's floor plan is of a cross with equal arms, the Church is properly orientated with the main entrance being in the West and the Holy of Holies in the East
Saint George interior with a Templar's Cross 
carved on the ceiling.

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