The Queen of Sheba   
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Old painting on goat skin depicting the story 
of Queen of Sheba meeting King Solomon a
story written in the Old Testament! Also
when ever Queen of Sheba is mentioned,
a lion is always in the picture!
An ancient palace in Yeha near Axum believed to be the home of Maqeeba otherwise known as the Queen of Sheba!.
The story of Queen of Sheba and King Solomon is told in the Bible and has for sure brought a lot of controversy.  Reading the story told in the bible chapter  Kings 10.6-13
Reading in the Old Testament Kings 10.6  ...and the Queen of Sheba said to king Solomon "I have heard a report  about your  accomplishments and your wisdom ..."  "but now I have met you and see with my own eyes, I believe that is true and the wisdom and prosperity far surpass my expectations! The passage in the Bible continuous  "king Solomon gave Queen Sheba all what she desired..." The Kebra Negast, an old Ethiopian book suggests here that King Solomon fulfill her wish to have a sun with her...
Anyway in this chapter we find plenty details and one can only think that the visit of Queen of Sheba to meet King Solomon surely took place!
 Ethiopia is claiming homage of the Queen of Sheba and in its  culture she is called Maqeeba. Yemen also claims the same Queen and her name there was Bilquis! In Yemen except the great dam in Mareb there is not any archeological site or a significant palace to show evidence of any Queen residence...
When we were visiting a very ancient glorious palace at Yeha site north of the city of Axum  in Ethiopia we noticed that it included a big primitive stone bath with a spring next to it!  Contrary to what archeologists and historians say, I think that there is a strong evidence of a Queen leaving there! I strongly believe that  this was the place of an ancient civilization that unfortunately did not leave us any scrolls, sculptures or engravings... but let this not to be a reason for not believing of their existence!
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