Chartres Cathedral  in Paris France
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The Chartres Cathedral in France, south of Paris,
a beautiful example of early Gothic architecture!
Queen of Sheba is in the middle with King Solomon standing on ther left side while her maid on her feet!
This picture depicts the Arc traveling to Queen of Sheba (Ethiopia)
On that pillar is a strange inscription in Latin. Although the Templars had a very good knowledge of Latin, leaving the scholars puzzled!
Melchizedec, an enigmatic figure, he was
Priest and King just before Solomon time.
How could Chartres Cathedral  and the Queen of Sheba have something in common?  
Chartres Cathedral in France was build around the 12th century by very experienced architects and masons. It was the first Cathedral in Europe build in the finest Gothic style!
The north entrance is devoted to old testament themes and many statuettes are carved! As you observe them from a distance, we can for sure say that they are not a mere decoration but the builders wanted somehow to tell future generations of a story... They decided that if written, it could be somehow lost or distorted therefore the sculpture Statues !  
 In the north entrance, among Holy Mary and Jesus, Abraham, Moses Samuel and David are depicted with statuettes and on the left we can clearly recognize Melchizedek the mysterious king - priest mentioned shortly in Genesis chapter 14. In his left hand is holding a 'Grail' with a piece of bread inside and for many is viewed as precursor of Jesus Christ! In the middle we can clearly see an ox cart loaded with a box which reassembles the Arc of the Covenant as its dimensions fit the Biblical description! On the right side we can again recognize Queen of Sheba as a full statue with her negroid maid on her knees! As the cart is moving to the right, towards Queen of Sheba, we can easily understand that the builders wanted to tell future generations through these sculptures the story in the Ethiopian 'Kebra Negast'! The story goes that Menelic, Queen of Sheba and King Solomon son, took the Arc of the Covenant from Israel to Ethiopia!
 We understand, it is impossible that this story reached Europe  at the 12th century! That means that the Chartres Cathedral builders had somehow good knowledge of it! Therefore its understood that only the Templars (the knights of Solomon Temple in Jerusalem) could be the ones knowing about it who were in Ethiopia at around that time and of course they also were the builders of Chartres Cathedral!
The puzzle becomes more obscure as an inscription under the ox cart with the Arc says in Latin:  HIC AMICITUR ARCHA CEDERIS. Although it is not written in correct Latin, a rough translation could be: Things get on their way; the Arc of the covenant!
 Bus loads with 'Templars' from England arrive each summer to see this magnificently build Cathedral but also to admire at the same time the sculptures who tell a story!
Puzzling stories to read: The book of 'Parzival' by Wolfram von Eschenbach a 12th century German poet who apparently got the Templars secrets and wrote this story of the 'Holy Grail' but symbolising the Arc!
Later Wagner made it an opera also called 'Parzival'!
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The Queen of Sheba


Old painting on goat skin depicting the story 
of Queen of Sheba meeting King Solomon a story written in the Old Testament!
An ancient palace in Yeha near Axum believed to be the home of Maqeeba otherwise known as the Queen of Sheba!.
The story of Queen of Sheba and King Solomon told in the Bible, has for sure brought a lot of controversy...  Reading this very interesting story told in the bible in the book of kings chapter 10 and in the book of Chronicles chapter 9,  we find in it plenty details and one can only think that there must be some truth in it! Also the phrase "king Solomon fulfilled every desire that the visiting Queen have had..." leaves a lot to speculate...
 Ethiopia is claiming homage of the Queen of Sheba which is called Maqeeba. Yemen also claims the same Queen and her name there was Bilquis! In Yemen except the great dam in Mareb there is not any significant evidence of any palaces...
 Visiting a very ancient glorious palace at Yeha in the vicinity of Axum  in Ethiopia, I think that contrary to what archeologists and historians say, there was an ancient civilization that unfortunately did not leave us any scrolls or engravings... In Ethiopia's fertile highlands there is a great possibility that an advanced civilization did exist during king Solomon time!  
Read also below a very interesting article about the Chartres Cathedral in France!
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