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    Knights Templars   of Jerusalem         Updated  March 2016
Hugh de Payens  from 
a 14th century book.
Note the way of holding & shape of the scepter and the Cross on top of it !


 The Templars
  The 9  Knights of the Templar order,  were all French noblemen.  Among them Hugh de Payens, the founder of the order and the Count of Champagne.
 They first traveled to Jerusalem at about 1119 AD and took residence on the site of the original Temple that once King Solomon have build.
 In January 1128 AD the most significant event in that at the synod of Troyes Saint Bernard of Clairvaux won  the official recognition of the Church.
 The templars built extensively in Jerusalem where they continued to maintain their headquarters on
the Temple Mount until the Holy city was captured
by the Muslim general Saladin (S'Alah el Din) in 1187.
 A German monk named Theoderic made pilgrimage to Jerusalem at about 1174, as an eyewitness he reported that all buildings within the precincts of the Dome of the Rock were built and still in the posession of the knight templars.
 His account of of the Temple mount and other buildings was in breathless tone:  He had clearly regarded the knight templars architectural skills as most supernaturally advanced and he had been impressed by the soaring roofs and arches that they had built !
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Engraved in the granite wall of Golgotha Church in Lalibela Ethiopia, is a Church figure similar to the one on the left...
Note the scepter and the shape of the Cross on top!
An other engraved figure in the granite wall of Golgotha Church holding a similar scepter, note the shape of the Cross on top !


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