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Lake Tana with many small islands the presumed hide out of the Arc of the Covenant!
 One of the founders of the Templar, 
note the 'Croix Pâté'  which is engraved on 
many monolithic Churches in Lalibela!
ST. Georges Church in Lalibela, a marvel of architecture! A single 12 meters high rock-
hewn inside-out serving a regular Holy Mass everyday!
ST. Emmanuel, one of the most elegantly 
build church in Lalibela! This monolithic Church is carved out of one rock and Holy mass is performed everyday!
Old painting on goat skin depicting the story of Queen of Sheba meeting King Solomon a story written in the Old Testament!
 Reading the Bible carefully, the Arc of the covenant is adequately  described and its whereabouts well documented in several chapters and from various people but only until the reign of King Solomon 970 to 931 BC. After that you can not find even a word mentioning the Arc anywhere in the Bible ! Isn't this strange?
 Just before the Jews start the journey back home after 52 years captivity in Babylon, around the year 535 BC, a royal decree was issued from king Darious to locate a list of all looted items from the Temple; the list was found and everything described in it was given back to the returning Jews!  Surprisingly the Arc was not included in this list of the returned items and also there was no complain from any body, nor was anything mentioned in any scripture about the missing Arc! Soon after, a new temple was build but without containing the Arc as it was missing still without any complaint registered from any body... Strange isn't it?
 There is no report that the Arc was stolen, destroyed or hidden somewhere underground! Is that not surprising for something so precious to the Jews to vanish without a trace?
 That leaves us then to believe that sometime between king Solomon's reign and the Babylonian invasion at 589 BC by king Nebuchadnezzar, the Arc of the covenant was secretly hidden away, or more possible, taken to an other land where it would be more safe! The High Priests in view of the eminent Babylonian invasion were prepared and made a plan and they are obviously responsible for the Arc's disappearance!   
 Reading about the findings of Joachim Krekler, the German archeologist who excavated the remains of a Jewish settlement on the Elephantine island near Aswan in the river Nile, we can easily see it as the first clue as to what had happened!
 There is a suggestion that some 200 priests with their families in view of the eminent Assyrian invasion, were prepared and made a plan to leave the promised land  and somehow traveled to Elephantine island! This Jewish community established there for about 200 years building a big Temple which the remains are excavated and still visible! (see photo) The scholars think that there would not be a need for a Jewish Temple if they did not have the Arc with them!  Unfortunately their settlement was burned and they were forced out presumably after the departure of the Babylonian king Kambysis who occupied Egypt at that time!  Kambysis had respected the Jewish temple but he destroyed some Egyptian temples therefore creating hatred between the locals and the Jewish new comers...
 There is an accurate account from the 'father of history' Herodotus describing in detail how some Jews traveled from the Elephantine island to Ethiopia!
The way the Arc was constructed is well described in the book of Exodus. Having an engineering background I can see that the way it was made, it formed a huge capacitor capturing electrical energy while on the move and striking any intruder that came close at a certain distance with terrible effects! We can only believe that Moses had a good knowledge of physics! In another passage we can read instructions that the Levites  the official Arc bearers had to wear long dresses touching the ground with golden threads woven in them (?) in order not to be affected with the Arc's enormous powers! To my understanding simply, they were physically being well earthed in order to be protected!
 Often a low fuzzy cloud is described to be seen gathered above it... The wandering Israelites  developed a habit of moving on when the cloud was lifted and rest while the cloud was there... Can you thing why?
Many incidents are described that people approaching were killed instantly with fire or were deformed with a burned skin! To my understanding lightning or a huge spark, electric discharge was the cause!
There is a well documented incident involving king Uzziah (781-740BC) described in the Bible 'Chronicles' chapter 26 where he insisted to have a 'burned offering' holding the incense burner (it was made out of metal!) approaching the Arc and while the high priest  Azariah and his assistants  were objecting to this informal offering, king Uzziah head was struck and suffered a srt of burning in his skin described by the bystanders as  'leprosy' ! Later on  he died as a result from that incident...
 Reading from  the Bible Psalm 68:1  and in Numbers 10:35
"Whenever the Arc set out, Moses would say: Arise Oh Lord, let your enemies be scattered and your foes flee before you"
then in Psalm 68:31
"Let bronze be brought from Egypt; let Ethiopia hasten to stretch out its hands to GOD"
 This Psalm includes a hidden message about the Arc of the Covenant and the prediction of Ethiopia embracing the Jewish faith...
As there is no 'bronze' in Egypt, scholars think this is a hint of the Arc coming back...  I think that if a reference is made from a scribe who wrote this Psalm many hundred years BC, there should be knowledge at least between the priesthood about the whereabouts of the Arc!
 * Please read in your Bible Psalm 68:31
 As usual, there is a lot debate and arguments between scholars and historians as to what had really happened. The fact is that after king Solomon reign (915) BC, there is no mention about the Arc of the covenant at all! King Cyrus of Babylon,  after an incident (see Daniel) which made him respect the Jews and believe to their GOD, decided to let all Jews return to their homeland. He had also commanded his treasurer to return all looted items from the Temple of Solomon ! A list was found and we have an accurate description of all items without any mention of the Arc of the covenant! Also nowhere in Bible's Old Testament is there any complain about the Arc's disappearance! That sounds very confusing and one can only think of a conspiracy orchestrated between the high priests of the temple of Solomon! Now if you can combine this with the story of a Jewish settlement with a temple discovered by a German  archaeologist (Joachim Kreckler) on the Elephantine island  in the middle of the river Nile near Aswan Egypt , then a lot of speculation is apparent in the thought that a number of priests, possibly 300 including their families, seeing the eminent danger of the Arc being lost, took it and went to a place that they new well: Egypt! 
Very interesting to read in Isaiah's book "the Oracle for Ethiopia" in chapter 18!
The Arc of the covenant is believed to be in Ethiopia. But how could this important item mentioned in the old testament be there? In Kebra Negast, the Ethiopian legend written long time ago, Menelik the son of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba, returned back to Jerusalem and with the help of some other youths, took this precious relic back to Ethiopia!
Meanwhile Lalibela, a religious person and would be king of Ethiopia, was at the same time in Jerusalem escaping his half brother's plans to poison him back in Ethiopia! Now Lalibela apparently was telling the Templars that every Sunday and during the Holy mass, the priests are parading the Arc of the covenant out in the Church again! He was quite convincing because the Templars followed him in the kingdom of Roha establishing first Lalibela as king and then much to their joyful surprise, help the priests carrying the Arc at the Sunday mass! This of course is an hypothesis, shared by many at this stage and not a far fetched suggestion as a lot of events before and after are pointing at that direction! 
During the 20 years stay in Lalibela, the Templars build the 11 famous Rock hewn Churches! This is again a suggestion in itself but if you travel to Lalibela (the place is named after this famous king) you can see your self these architectural marvels created by master architects or more accurately: masons!
 As you are reading on Graham Hancock's the 'Sign & the Seal' you will be surprised about this conspiracy and how many people were looking for it through the centuries!  First the Templars or the knights of the 'Holy Temple of Solomon'. Then John Bruce, a Scottish mason,  traveled to Ethiopia in the 17th century 'under cover' and with the excuse to find the 'source of the Blue Nile', but always having in his agenda to locate the Arc of the Covenant'!
 The Templars, around 1095 AD and for 10 following years have excavated underneath and all around the Temple in order to find that relic! They had found a lot of scrolls which made them famous in Europe and some of these scrolls are still hidden underneath the ST. Roselyn Chapel in Scotland! How? this is an other story... 
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